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Two happy girls playing with chewing gum.

How to Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes

When it comes to stain removal, most mums are well aware of the fact that chewing gum is one of the worst culprits to be faced with. Seeing as though it is practically immune to even the most powerful of detergents, it can pose a massive challenge to busy mums who would much rather be spending time with their little ones than slaving away in the laundry room!

Luckily, OMO has some expert tips for you to keep in mind the next time that you find yourself in a ‘sticky situation’…


A fool-proof way in which to remove chewing gum from a garment is to place the affected area over the spout of a kettle whilst it boils, allowing the steam to penetrate deeply. Let the steam work its wonders for about a minute before using a toothbrush to scrape off the gum. Magic!


By placing the affected garment in the freezer (inside a sealed plastic bag), after a few hours, the chewing gum will harden and lose its stickiness, making it easier for you to scrape it off with a knife. Just be sure to do it quickly – as the gum will start to thaw the moment it has been removed from the freezer.

Peanut Butter

The oil contained in the peanut butter will help to lift the gum away from the fabric. Once the peanut butter has penetrated, simply use a blunt knife to get rid of the gum. However, it will also probably leave another stain that you’ll have to deal with. A spritz or two of liquid stain remover, followed by a thorough wash in the washing machine with OMO liquid laundry detergent.


Start off by heating up a cup of vinegar in the microwave until it is almost boiling, then dip a firm toothbrush into the vinegar while it is still very hot and rub it into the chewing gum. Continue to dip and rub until the gum has lifted, and then wash as normal to get rid of the strong smell.

OMO laundry products  are sure to leave your clothes looking, feeling and smelling their best. See? Chewing gum need not be the bane of your existence any longer! Now you can spend less time suffering in the laundry room and more time with your little ones. They really do grow up so fast…