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The kids are playing in the grass.

Fun in the Outdoors

Summer is almost here, and that means that our little one’s are going to be rocking and rolling outside – playing on the grass, climbing trees and taking advantage of the sunny outdoors. But what happens when they get pesticide, pollen or sunscreen stains on their clothes? OMO has crafted some handy tips to help you remove these fun stains.


Newly treated lawns can still have traces of pesticides that are harmless to your little ones, but not their clothes.

Simply rinse the clothes with cold water. Next, let them lie in water heated to the highest possible temperature (you might have to boil some water) with the recommended amount of OMO Auto liquid. Give that process about half an hour and then place the clothes in a Quick Wash cycle.

Pollen Stains

Picking flowers as a family in summer, doing cartwheels amongst the daisies or simply playing hide and seek in a flower-filled garden can leave yellow and orange streaks of colour on your clothes, sometimes with a sticky texture.

Get rid of pollen stains by placing the garments in direct sunlight until the stains vanish. The sun will dry the stickiness while light breezes will carry excess pollen away. If they have not vanished, then put the garments in for a Quick Wash.

Sunscreen Stains

Sun is out in summer, beach adventures or just backyard escapades, so it is important to keep your children’s skin protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun. The only problem with sunscreens is that they contain the chemical Avobenzone. When this chemical reacts with water, it can cause rustcoloured stains – which is not ideal.

Don’t compromise on your time outdoors but always treat these stains with care. Firstly, ensure that the garment and the stain is dry. Sprinkle some baking powder onto the stain to absorb any excess oil. Leave the baking powder to sit on the stain for about 30 minutes, then proceed to scrub the stain with dishwashing liquid. Then, simply toss the garment into your washing machine for a Quick Wash, and voila!