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A bottle of PVA glue.

How to Remove Glue from Clothing

A day of arts and crafts wouldn’t get very far without glue – from paper collages to wooden models, it’s always glue that brings a project together. Unfortunately for mums and dads, it usually ends up getting on kids’ clothes as much as anywhere else. But getting messy is all part of the fun, so don’t let the fear of a sticky stain hold back their creative flow. Instead, follow these simple steps on how to remove glue from clothes, whether it’s PVA or super glue.  

How to remove glue on clothes: PVA

PVA glue stains show up pretty often on young kids’ clothes, so knowing how to remove glue from clothing quickly and effectively is an essential parenting hack. The good news is that PVA glue is water-soluble, so it’s much easier to remove than it looks. Here are some simple steps you can follow:

  1. Start by removing as much of the glue as possible. If the stain is still wet, try wiping it with a wet cloth; if it’s dry, you can try gently scraping away at any residue with a spoon, being careful not to dig into the fibres. Avoid this step if the fabric is delicate.
  2. Loosen the remaining stain by soaking the garment in cold water for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Wash in the washing machine at a cool temperature – warm water could further set the stain. Use a detergent that is just as tough on stains at cool temperatures, like OMO Auto Liquid.
  4. If the stain persists, don’t tumble dry or iron the clothing, as this will further set the stain. Instead, repeat the wash cycle.

And there you have it: there’s no need to hesitate from getting the glue and scissors out when you know that it’s this easy to remove glue from clothing!  

How to remove super glue from clothes

Sometimes super glue stains are unavoidable, even with an adult in charge! Predictably, these stains are much trickier to deal with, but don’t panic – it can be done. Read the superglue’s product label instructions before you get started, as advice on how to remove glue from clothing may vary between manufacturers.

  1. First and foremost, don’t panic! Rubbing at the misplaced superglue straight away will make it worse, so wait for it to harden completely first.
  2. Gently remove as much of the excess glue as possible with a spoon. This is only recommended if you are dealing with cotton or synthetic fabrics, so check the garment care label before you start.
  3. Acetone (the main ingredient in many nail varnish removers) is one of the very few substances that are able to remove super glue, but it can discolour some fabrics, so test it on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric first.
  4. If the acetone (or nail varnish remover) has no adverse effects, use a cotton pad to gently dab the glue stain with it until the glue softens. Remove as much of the softened glue as possible (the spoon might come in handy again).
  5. Using a liquid detergent like OMO Auto Liquid and massage a small amount of it into the stain using the dimpled stain Eraser Ball.
  6. Wash the item of clothing, as usual, using the warmest temperature that the garment care tag recommends. Always use the dosage of OMO AUTO that is recommended on the bottle’s label.

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