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Jars of baby food.

How to Get Baby Food Stains Out of Clothes

Stains out of baby clothes

Dinnertime for babies is messy business – think butternut puree that somehow managed to find its way into your little one’s hair, under his or her bib and onto Spot, the Cocker Spaniel. However, there is no need to worry – we have a handful of great baby food stain removal tips to help you effectively remove any stubborn stains!

Removing baby food stains from clothes isn’t always the most pleasant of tasks, but the good news is that it’s really easy and straightforward, and it takes very little time¬ if you use the right cleaning and stain removal products.

When it comes to your children, don’t waste time using products that may or may not work. Instead, bypass all other options and go straight to something that guarantees full stain removal each and every time, like OMO Laundry Detergent Liquids. As a busy mum, convenience is key.
Here’s how to get baby food stains out quickly, easy and efficiently:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Treating Baby Food Stains

  • Begin by gently scraping as much excess food off of your baby’s clothes as possible. You may find that using a spoon works best for this but be careful with the motions and actions that you use. Scraping side wards along the material isn’t recommended – not only can you encourage the stain to spread, but you may also pull the fibres of the garment, and we all know that keeping baby clothes soft and comfortable is hugely important. Instead, try to gently scrape in an upward motion, away from the clothing, almost as if you are scooping the food up.
  • Soak the clothing in a bowl of cold water. You can do this for a few hours at least, but if you’ve discovered a stain in the evening, take advantage and leave the clothing to soak overnight. This works to soften the stain, and prevents it from drying out, which could make it much more difficult to remove. As the fabric absorbs water, it tends to swell a little, opening the fibres up and encouraging the easy release of the food residues. Never soak the items in hot water as the heat could set the stain, making it a permanent fixture.
  • You can also pre-treat the stain – the Stain Eraser Ball makes it easy to pre-treat stains. Just follow the directions on the label.
  • Pop the clothing into the washing machine with OMO Auto Liquid (make sure to read the directions on the label first, and to read the care label on the garment, too).
Top Tip:
Dealing with stains from carrot puree or green pea puree is very easy with OMO Auto Liquid – it can claim full stain removal for these stains. Just follow the directions on the label, read the care labels on the garments, and wash as normal.
Handy Hint:
Keep your OMO products in a locked cupboard or drawer close to your washing machine (where your kids won’t be able to reach them). As you’re putting your baby’s clothes into the wash, inspect them thoroughly for any signs of baby food stains – be sure to look at socks, sleeves, cuffs, and even the inside of garments. If you notice a stain, you’ve got your pre-treatment product right there within arm’s reach.
Remember – the quicker you tackle a stain, the better.
There you have it – everything you need to know about how to remove baby food stains from clothing. Click on the link for more laundry care and washing tips. What baby food stains do you find yourself struggling to get out of your little one’s clothes?