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We've all had our little ones come in with muddy stains on their clothes. The good news is, getting them out is a cinch! Find out how in this article.

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An image of a child standing in mud.

Removing Dirt and Mud Stains from your Clothing

Kids absolutely love to play outside and get messy, and we at OMO encourage it even though playing outdoors can sometimes result in unsightly mud stains! With OMO products for laundry care, however, mums know that they don’t have to worry about stain removal.

Getting rid of stains can actually be easy when you know how to do it and when you have the right equipment on hand. With OMO laundry detergent, you can allow your kids to have fun and explore their outdoor surroundings without having to worry about sitting for hours trying to remove the stains that occur as a result.

Here are some tips for getting rid of mud stains:

  • It’s always best to start off by reading the clothing label as this will give you advice regarding how best to wash the item in question (temperature to use, etc.).
  • Try to treat every stain as soon as possible. This will always maximise your chances of removing the stain completely. With mud stains, however, it’s best to let them dry first. If you try to remove a mud stain while it is still wet, it will penetrate deeper into the fibres of the fabric.
  • Use a blunt object like a spoon to remove the cakey, crumbly dirt from the clothing. Once this step has been completed, the easily treatable discoloration caused by the mud will be left on the clothing. Simply place the items into the washing machine, grab your OMO automatic washing powder and start the cycle. Remember to use the appropriate cycle for your clothing based on the information written on the label.
  • With a mud stain, it is best to use lower, colder temperatures as this will stop the stain from setting in further.

Your stain should be completely gone when you take your clothes out of the washing machine. So, let your children explore in the garden as much as they like because you will never have to worry about removing mud stains.