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Uh-oh – has someone coloured in their sleeve by mistake? Koki pen stain removal is easy when you know how. Click here to find out what to do!

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Colourful cupcake liners filled with crayons.

Removing Pen, Crayon, and Koki Pen Stains from Clothes

Is there a budding artist in your family? Whether they’ve been making their own cards or getting crafty in the holidays, there’s nothing more fun for little ones than grabbing some coloured pens and letting their imaginations run wild. All that fun can leave you with some stains in interesting colours though, and that’s why we’re going to help you get koki and crayon stains out of clothes!

How to remove pen stains from kids' clothes

Koki Pen stains look scarily bright against a white shirt, and they come in all colours of the rainbow, too – but felt tip pen stain removal isn’t as hard as it looks. Follow these steps:

For pen stain removal of water-based felt tips:

  1. Blot the stain gently with a clean cloth, removing as much excess as possible.

  2. Pour a little OMO Auto Washing Liquid  onto the stain and use your fingers to work it in.

  3. Wash the garment according to the instructions on the care label.

For pen stain removal of oil-based inks and permanent markers:

  1. Gently blot the stain as before.

  2. Apply a solvent such as rubbing alcohol or hairspray to the stain. Remember to test any new pen stain removal solutions on a small area first to check for damage.

  3. Wash the garment immediately after treating the stain with the solvent.

Want to know more about removing pen stains? OMO has you covered – check out our articles on how to get ink out of clothes and how to remove highlighter and other ink stains.

How to get crayon stains out of clothes

This is actually quite similar to wax stain removal – after all, wax is the key ingredient in crayons! 

There are two ways you can approach stains like these:

  1. If someone’s drawn on their top with a wax crayon, a standard pre-treatment with OMO Auto Washing Liquid  before popping the garment in the wash should be fine. Just make sure all of the stain is removed before you apply any heat to the garment. 

  2. If the stain is really ground in, pop the garment in the freezer (inside a plastic bag) for a few hours and scrape as much of the frozen wax off as you can. Then, place a paper towel over the stain and apply a little heat with the iron. This should draw out most of the stain so all you need to do is use wash the garment as normal.

And there you have it! If your little Picassos have got carried away with the crayons and art materials, there’s no need to worry. Allow them to enjoy real play and follow our advice to treat the stains afterwards. You can learn more about how to get crayon stains out of clothes here, and we’ve got plenty of arts activities you can try too!