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A pink scoop sits on a pile of washing powder.

Preparation for Stain Removal

Get a stained garment into a normal wash immediately, and it’s likely to come out spotless. However, some stains need a little more attention. Here’s how to treat a tough stain:

Before You Start

When it comes to stain removal there is a need for speed. The quicker you get it in the machine, the better the chance of getting rid of the stain completely. Also ensure that you use a good laundry detergent with stain removal properties.


Colourfastness is the resistance of a garment’s colour to fade. Before washing, make sure that you know if the clothes are colourfast or not. Check the care label and do the colourfast test to ensure that running dye doesn’t stain other items of clothing in the load.


A heavily stained garment may need to be soaked before being washed. Remember to use a hand-wash powder with active stain removal ingredients.