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An image of students in a classroom.

Tackling Back to School Stains

When kids head back to school there is always a new array of stains to be found on their clothing. Picked up while playing at break, chewing on the back of a pen or during art class, these stains can pose a tough challenge to any mom. So we’ve out together a list of back to school stain removal tips for you to use when facing these new stains.


Getting Rid of Glue

Glue can be one of the most frustrating stains to deal with when it’s soaked into a shirt or a pair of shorts. It grips the fibres and practically refuses to let go of its sticky hold on your child’s school uniform. To get rid of it, gently scrape off the glue with a blunt knife and rub it with the tip of a damp towel. Once the glue is not visible any more, hand wash the area with OMO and then put it in the wash with the rest of your dirty laundry.


Pesky Paint

Art class is public enemy number one when it comes to stains. Every child that goes into art class is destined to end up with at least one or two paint stains on them by the end of the day. But that’s only because art is so much fun! It shouldn’t matter if it causes a headache or two. To remove paint stains you have four options:

  1. If oil-based, try holding an absorbent pad under the stain and dabbing it with a white spirit before you put the clothing in the wash for a high temperature clean.
  2. If acrylic paint, hand wash it with OMO and water and then put the clothing in the wash.
  3. If water based, repeat option one.
  4. Buy a new item of clothing.


Green, Gritty, Grass

Grass stains are another back to school stain that every mother can expect to deal with when their kids go back to school. While playing outside on the field at break or during P.E. it takes no time at all for grass to lead to a stain.

To get rid of grass stains on cotton, hand wash in cold water with OMO to break the stain down, then throw it in the washing machine. Rinse and repeat until you’re happy. If you’ve got any great back to school stain removal tips, make sure you visit our Facebook page to post them on our wall. We’d love to hear from you!