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An image of untidy clothes on a washing machine.

OMO - Recommended by the Leading Washing Machine Manufacturers

At OMO, everything we do is with YOU in mind. At the end of the day, it’s your needs and wishes that matter most. This is why we innovate and strive to provide you with the best washing detergent on the market – like our OMO Auto range.

Did you know that OMO is recommended by leading machine manufacturers Samsung, AEG, Hi-sense, LG, Bosch and Defy? We have worked alongside and forged a partnership with these industry leaders over the last 30 years in order to create a seamless and efficient washday system. Thanks to the superior cleaning credentials of our OMO Auto range and the well-crafted mechanical actions of our partners’ machines, we deliver excellent washday results time and again.

Not only do we work closely with leading manufacturers, but we also regularly conduct informative surveys around you and your family’s laundry needs. We have modernised and streamlined our products in such a way that they make the lives of those who use them hassle-free. Now you can spend more time making memories with your loved ones, and less time worrying about which detergent to use for your specific needs.

Consumers now know that OMO Auto Liquid and Powder have been designed to work in both front-loading and top-loading machines, and that their cutting-edge ingredients allow them to remove stains fast – even in a quick wash! They also prevent top-loading machines from over-foaming, saving you money and time.

Whether you have a front-loader or a top-loader, or prefer using a liquid or powder based washing detergent – OMO Auto is the detergent for you! As the only brand recommended for tough stain removal by leading washing machine manufacturers, OMO Auto is the dirt-busting detergent that your family simply can’t do without