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Woman in green top adjusting the settings dial on a washing machine.

Washing Machine Care

Keeping your washing machine clean and cared for is the key to getting a great result with every wash. After all, your clothes will only be as clean as the machine! Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to clean a washing machine or where to put washing powder? Just browse our articles to find out. 

Not sure how to use a washing machine? All makes and models will come with an instruction manual so always consult this first  before turning it on. It will contain key information on day-to-day use, functions, and even breakdown advice. For everyday queries on general use, have a look to see if our articles can help?

Your washing machine manual should have advice on how to deep clean your machine but to clean your machine and prevent nasty washing machine smells just pop a dose of  your OMO detergent  of choice and run an empty, hot cycle. Read our washing machine cleaning advice for more tips.

An important part of looking after your washing machine is using it correctly – and knowing where to put washing powder, capsules, and liquids. Follow the instructions on the packaging and read our articles on dosage to find out where to put your favourite Omo detergent, and how much to use.

Did you know Omo's advanced detergent formulas are just as effective when used in cool temperatures? Turn the water temperature down to 30 °C and see for yourself. It’s an easy way to reduce your energy consumption, save money, and help protect the planet.