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A white t-shirt pegged to a washing line drying in the sun.

3 Laundry Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Breeze

Whether you are a struggling beginner or a seasoned professional, there is always a tip to pick up or a trick to learn when it comes to attaining the secrets of the laundry. It is just one of those weekly processes that have to be done, but no one said that it has to be difficult or time consuming. Have a look below at some of our favourite laundry related tips and tricks that are bound to free up time in your already busy schedule, as well as save you a fair penny or two.


The Tennis Ball Technique

Waiting for the dryer to fluff-up, dry and give your clothes that soft feel and finish that you long for can be patience-testing process. Next time you find yourself waiting for family’s clothes to dry, throw a tennis ball or in with your clothes. Not only will it make your clothes feel softer, but it will also drastically speed up the drying process. Don’t believe us – give it a try and find out for yourself!


Prevent Black Jeans From Fading

Keep your black jeans looking good as new and dark as the very first day that you bought them by adding a couple of cups of brewed coffee or tea to your machine’s rinse cycle. Top tip: Try not to wash your jeans and denims as frequently as you would clothes made out of cotton. Over washing your jeans will simply wear the material out, leading to it losing colour and thinning around key areas.


Remove Grass Stains With Ease

Lets face it, when the sun is shining and the warm weather is out in full force, kids are going to move their games outside onto the grassy gardens around the neighbourhood, as well as the green sports fields at school. And inevitably, with this migration will come one thing that parents around the world hate equally as much – grass stains.

To get rid of the resilient grass blemishes, mix either rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits into a 50:50 water to alcohol solution and apply it to the grassy area. After applying this initial watered down coat, dab the area with a pure solution of the rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits. Throw the piece of clothing into your washing machine, along with a scoop of OMO Auto Washing Powder or a cap full OMO Auto Washing Liquid and everything will be right as rain and good as new.