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Navy clothing stained with bleach.

All your Bleach Questions Answered

What's sensitive to fabric washing oxygen bleach?

OMO Hand Wash Powder contains colour-safe oxygen bleach that is specifically designed for powerful stain removal when washing whites and colours. The bleach that this product contains differs from ordinary household bleach which is chlorine based and may damage colours. However, some fabrics are sensitive to even colour-safe bleach. These items usually have a 'Do not bleach' warning- on the care label. If you're not sure: do the following test to find out if a garment is sensitive to colour-safe bleach:

  1. Make a paste using OMO Hand Wash Powder and water.
  2. Choose an area of the garment that isn't visible when wearing it, like the inside of a hem. Place a bit of the paste on this area and leave overnight.
  3. Carefully remove the paste.
  4. If the colour in this area is at all faded, the garment should not be washed or soaked in a product that contains oxygen bleach.

If the item of clothing is not colour-safe bleach sensitive then rest assured that OMO Hand Wash Powder is the stain removal solution you’ve been looking for. Trust OMO for quality laundry detergents and great stain removal tips.