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Towels drying outside.

Cleaning your Beach Clothes

During the holiday and warm summer season, the sandy white beaches and their crystal blue waters beckon all of us. Those of us who are lucky enough to live close to the coast usually jump at the opportunity to enjoy a warm day at the beach with our loved ones. This said, it’s important to keep the sand and salt at the beach and out of your house (and away from your other clothes).

At OMO, we recommend that you wash your used beachwear by hand, here’s why:

  • Handwashing will stop the sand and salt from seeping into your other clothes
  • Many times, when you wash your beachwear with your regular clothes, small shards of fibreglass present in the sea water are now clinging to your costume and tend to then cling to the fibres of your other clothing.

Try and avoid using harsh washing detergents because they can cause spandex materials to fade. Instead, use OMO Hand Washing Powder with a Touch of Comfort for a lighter detergent that ensures fabric care and leaves them smelling great!

Drying your Beachwear

The sun is always your best option here. Machines like tumble dryers can sometimes be a little too hot and harsh on spandex materials and could cause them to shrink. Save yourself time and effort, and simply hang your beachwear out in the sun instead.