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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Wondering how to fold a fitted sheet? If you follow a few simple steps, it’s easy to do! Once you know how to fold fitted sheets properly, you’ll wonder why you ever used flat sheets in the first place! This tutorial for folding fitted sheets is so quick and simple, you’ll actually find yourself wanting to share your newly-acquired skill with your friends. Read on to discover the five simple steps that will change how you organize your laundry cupboard forever!

Five Steps for Folding Fitted Sheets

Step One

To start the process, you’ll need to stand with your fitted sheet turned inside out, and place one hand in each of the corners across the width of the sheet.

Step Two

Use one hand as a ‘hanger’ and fold the other corner over the top, so you have two corners on one hand.

Step Three

Pick up a third corner from the outside and fold it over the ‘hanger hand’ and do the same for the remaining corner. You should now have a roughly rectangular shape with all the elasticated corners in one place.

Step Four

Place the sheet on a flat surface and make sure the edges of the sheet are folded inside.

Step Five

Fold the resulting rectangle as small as you need, so that you can stack the sheet neatly in your cupboard.

Now that you know how to fold a fitted sheet, you’ll find it’s even faster to wash, dry, and store your laundry. If you’re interested in other laundry tips or organisational shortcuts, be sure to check out our other laundry tips here.