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Read about some of the Common Mistakes Made While Hand Washing Your Laundry. OMO provides the Do's and Dont's of Washing Your Clothes By Hand

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Tea towels soaking in a bowl of soapy water.

Hand Washing: Do's and Don'ts

You may think that ‘hand washing is hand washing,’ but truth be told: it’s not! There are all kinds of different hand washing techniques to use and mistakes to make. Some mistakes are bigger than others, and have the potential to mess up your beautiful clothing. Read on to discover the difference between the good hand washing habits and the bad.

The Rule of Thumb

One of the rules that applies to all styles of doing the laundry, you must separate your lights from your darks. Even though you’re washing by hand, it’s really important to do so, so that you don’t mess up your clothing while cleaning. We suggest that when hand washing you start with the lightest items first and then move on to the dark. And when it’s time to rinse your washing out, give everything that bleeds its own basin to make sure your colours don’t mix and match in the wrong place.

Test the Temperature

You need the wash your clothes at the right temperature to get the best results out of your hand washing. What might that be, you wonder? Well, it’s roughly 29 degrees Celsius – that’s just warm enough to feel it when you sink your hand into the water. Hot water makes colours bleed, you see, so it’s in your best interest to wash your clothes at the right temperature to make sure your clothes maintain their colour and don’t get damaged in the process.

Don't Soak it Up

Soaking your clothes for too long can do serious damage to their colour, shape and fit. If you allow your items to spend too much time in the sink, they’ll not only start to fade, but begin to drape too, giving your clothing a shapeless look and feel. Each item needs about 5 minutes of effort to remove 90% of the germs and dirt – keep that in mind the next time you decide to hand wash. Too long and your clothes will not be the same.

Don't Wring it Out

Possibly the most common mistake made during hand washing is wringing out your clothes. All that twisting and contorting the fabric can seriously damage the fabric and has the potential to ruin some of your favourite items. Instead, remove your clothing from the water, squeeze out as much of the H20 as you can and place it on an absorbent towel. Roll the item up in the towel, squeeze it all again and then hang your washing up to dry.