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Laundry Tips for Sensitive Skin

Has your laundry ever angered or irritated your skin? If it has, it could be that you have sensitive skin and need to change your detergent, as well as the way that you do your washing. So we’ve prepared a great selection of tips for you to read through to understand how to take care of your skin when the washing needs to be done.


First Things First

One of the easiest ways to identify if you have sensitive skin is to take note of any irritation you experience when you wear new clothing with stiff or uncomfortable fabrics. To avoid this reaction, wash new clothing before you wear it to soften the fabric and make it softer on your skin.


Be Picky

When you go to the shop to buy your detergent, pinpoint the detergent that will make your skin happiest – you don’t want to ignore the signs of unhappy skin. Find a detergent with a nice smell that clearly specifies it is for sensitive skin types. And throw out or giveaway your old detergent if it irritates your skin. This way there will be no mistake.


Rinse Rinse Rinse

Sometimes the detergent you use leaves traces behind on the fabric that can annoy your skin and leave it a little red or itchy. Sometimes this happens when the detergent has been washed through your clothing properly, potentially because it didn’t get as much exposure to running water as other items. Rinse your washing thoroughly after washing to rid any titbits left behind to prevent this.


Keep it Clean

Make sure that your detergents are not contaminated – those for sensitive skin, such as OMO Gentle Handwash, with those that aren’t – by keeping your detergents closed, separated and clear of one another. If you use a scoop to measure your detergent into the machine (or basin to handwash) keep a separate scoop for each detergent.


Know the Facts

If you have a serious skin condition that bothers you regularly, your skin may be the problem, not the detergent, and if this is the case we highly recommend you seek medical attention. Sometimes skin reacts to a detergent, sometimes skin is already so sensitive that it reacts to anything mildly foreign. Please read detergent instructions carefully and if you discover a recurring skin issue, make sure you talk to a dermatologist.