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Pink and purple laundry in a washing machine.

Non-Colourfast Q&As

Here are some OMO washing tips for non-colourfast items. You’ll also find some helpful tips on what to do if the dye from one item of clothing has run and stained others. 

Remember: In order to ensure the best laundry care it’s advisable that you always use quality laundry detergents.

Washing non-colourfast items

  • Items that aren't colourfast need to be washed separately in cold water and should not be soaked
  • Dry cleaning is an option for items of clothing that release dye, but the care label should first be checked

What should I do if dye runs into other clothes?

  • There are reversal products on the market if a load is exposed to a non-colourfast item
  • If a non-colourfast item was washed in your washing machine and released dye, do an empty cycle to get rid of any remaining dye in the machine.

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