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OMO 3 X Power Capsules

Introducing the new and improved OMO Power Laundry Capsules with 3 x the power with every wash. Say goodbye to scooping, measuring and pouring and reclaim some of that precious family time from those long laundry days.

OMO 3 X Power Laundry Capsules do not contain bleach, helping to reduce the damage to fibres and maintain colours for longer while removing tough stains like grass, curry stains, chocolate stains and even tea stains, in just a quick wash!

With the new fragrance system, the OMO 3 X Power Laundry Capsules deliver a burst of freshness when they dissolve in the wash, giving a controlled release of a complex perfume so that you get that just-washed freshness that is movement activated and released when needed. Enjoy up to 14 days of wash-to-wash freshness!

With twice as much stain removal power per drop, OMO 3 X Power Laundry Capsules are practical, convenient to pack, easy to store and light to transport. In a world where multitasking has become the norm, wash smarter with a product that dissolves faster than our leading competitor - so that you can get all your washing done in no time! Learn more about OMO 3 X Power Capsules.

OMO is committed to the safety of your little ones, with reinforced packaging that allows you to keep them out of reach from curious, wandering hands. The OMO 3 X Power Laundry Capsules are the only capsules brand in South Africa that is aligned with global safety standards for child safety.

Simply push the tab and lift the lid to open. To close, ensure that all sides are closed properly, and you hear a “click”. Store out of reach of children. OMO 3 X Power Capsules are covered in a bittering agent that is not conducive for ingestion. Read more about the dangers of consuming laundry capsules.

How to Use:


Our convenient single dose laundry capsules allow you to keep track of your usage and are considerably less messy than regular liquid and powder detergents. Simply pop a capsule into your washing machine before adding your laundry – as the water rises from the bottom, you’d want to ensure that your capsule dissolves properly. Close the lid and start your wash.

Try OMO 3 X Power Capsules and share your experience with the hashtag WashSmarter. Happy Washing!

Tip – Always follow dosage instructions on the back of the pack for best results on any of our OMO products.