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A pile of folded pink baby clothes, a pair of pink booties, and a dummy.

OMO Gentle: Perfect for New Moms

With a child aged between the tender years of 3-5 in the house, it’s important for moms to start thinking a little differently about their detergent of choice. Knowing and understanding what the detergent will feel like on a young child’s soft skin is important. But with OMO Gentle in your laundry room, there is nothing to worry about. Here are four fantastic reasons why.


No More Irritation

For young children, very few experiences are as irritating as putting on clean clothes that aggravate or bother their skin. They put on their favourite top and in seconds they are itchy. That spells trouble. When you hand wash clothes, particles of the detergent you use often hide in the fabric. With OMO Gentle that is no longer a problem as it’s scientifically engineered to be as gentle on the skin as possible.


It’s Happened Before

If you’ve had a bad experience with detergents before it’s because your little one has super sensitive skin. It’s not the detergent, right? Well, not exactly. Some detergents are not skin friendly. So you need something that has been designed, from day one, to make sure that it does not do any damage to your child. The right detergent is all you need to ease the anxiety that comes with being a mom.


Gentle on Skin

Seeing your pre-schooler frustrated or upset by irritated skin is awful for a mother. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young mom or a skilled veteran; it’s never easy to deal with. If the detergent is tough, your child will notice. So OMO Gentle is as soft on the skin as possible to make sure that your little one doesn’t have to endure any skin irritation at all.


Tough on Stains

Packed with the same powerful cleaning abilities as all other OMO products, OMO Gentle absolutely attacks stains to make sure they don’t survive a good wash. Perfect for moms with young pre-schoolers who are constantly running about and exploring every nook and cranny of your home and theirs school’s playground! Add OMO Gentle to your laundry to make sure your child’s skin is protected and your laundry is always washed with the power of OMO.