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An image of OMO Laundry Kit products

OMO Laundry Kit

With the right products in your home, it’s easy to keep your clothes stain free and germ free too. So we’ve put together the OMO Laundry Kit – a basic list of items you need in your home. With these three amazing products in your home, OMO is guaranteed to take care of your family. 

OMO Gentle Handwash Powder

Perfect for the smaller items of hand washing that you can do in a few minutes, OMO Gentle Handwash Powder is definitely a must-have in your home. It’s dermatologically tested to protect and be soft on skin, making it tough on stains and gentle on hands. 

OMO Auto Liquid

Another exciting OMO element to the OMO Hygiene Kit, OMO Auto is a real cleaning machine. Fast acting, hard on dirt and soft on your clothing’s fabric, it’s the perfect detergent for your washing machine. OMO Auto leaves clothes soft and smelling great. So that when your little one’s favourite t-shirt or dress goes into the wash you can return it to him or her in no time at all.  

OMO Auto Capsules

Adding the final touches to your OMO Laundry Kit are OMO Auto Capsules, the strongest laundry detergent in our product range. These environmentally friendly capsules are filled with four times the amount of washing powder than regular powder detergents. This allows them to remove stains faster so that your children can spend more time playing outside. One capsule is all you need. Simply place the capsule in the drum under the clothes and start your washing cycle. It really is that easy.

With these three great OMO products in your home you are destined to keep your family’s clothes clean and your little ones happy with fun adventures outdoors. With OMO by your side, there’s no need to worry about dirt. Enjoy!