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Loaded laundry in washing machine.

Pre-Treat Tips to Save You Time

Some clothes and materials should be pre-washed to give them the desired soft, clean and smooth feel as when you first purchased them.

Pre-wash and quick treatments are best for soaking new clothes, or an alternative for pre-treating heavily soiled clothes. This is stage one of a two-stage wash cycle.

Get rid of unseen stains that lie deep in the garment and then simply throw it in for a quick wash to make sure that each and every fibre is now free of stubborn stains. Instead of putting them in a lengthy wash, simply use each stain’s quick pre-treatment followed by a Quick Wash. This will save you precious time to spend with your loved ones.

Baby clothes

While your baby is growing, their immune systems aren’t quite as strong as they should be, so prewashing and treating new baby clothes is like washing fruit before you eat it – especially when buying new clothes.

A light hand-wash in some cold water with an extra-gentle detergent like OMO Hand Wash Gentle on Hands is perfect as a pre-treatment. Pop it straight into a Quick Wash after to free it of any lingering germs.


The purpose of this process is to remove any impurities that could cause harm to the strength of the fabric as well as your family’s health. OMO Auto’s unique Oxybleach formula gives the fabric room to breathe and absorb the detergent when you put it in for a Quick Wash. An easy way to ensure that your cotton garments stay safe from harm is to place the garment in cold water, mixed with a little vinegar. Squeeze this out and toss it in your washing machine for a Quick Wash.

Silk sheets

There are few things as soft, smooth and comfortable as freshly washed silk sheets. They caress the skin gently, so it’s important to maintain the original integrity of this fabric to ensure a lifetime of comfort.

For the first few washes, wash your sheets by hand. Not only will this soften the fibres but it will also protect its trademark glow and sheen. Use lukewarm water and a soft and caring washing powder like OMO Hand Wash Powder with a Touch of Comfort. Let your sheets soak before hanging them out to dry.