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Person selecting a wash cycle on a washing machine

Put a Stop to Shrinking Clothes

Put a stop to shrinking clothes

One thing that we know for a fact is that clothes are expensive. This doesn’t only apply to adult garments – our little ones’ clothes can also set us back quite a bit. So when we find out that a load of our family’s washing has shrunk, it’s often not as simple as nipping down to the shops to replace these garments. Have a look below for top tips on how you can prevent your clothes from shrinking so that you can steer clear of having to spend extra money on an easily avoidable situation. 


Handle your heat

When it comes to your clothes shrinking in the wash, it’s generally the heat of the water behind the mischief. Whether you’re washing your clothes in a machine or by hand, make sure that your water isn’t too hot. Not only can hot water cause your clothes’ fibres to shrink and constrict, but it can also cause certain fabrics to fade prematurely. 

Top Tip: Be careful with fabrics like cotton as they are notoriously prone to shrinking in warm washes. 


Use the right detergent

Using the right detergent is extremely important, but just to be safe, try handwashing your favourite clothes. Not only can you control the heat of the water, but you can use one of our new, safe hand wash detergents like OMO Hand Wash with Comfort Freshness. Not only does this hand wash powder offer great fabric care, but it also delicately covers your clothes with a beautiful fragrance you’ll love. 


Read the label

People often underestimate how important reading the instructions printed on your garment’s label truly is. Not only will it tell you just how hot your cleaning water should be, but it will also tell you what cycle to use when machine washing your clothes.