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An image of coloured clothes by a washing machine.

Time-saving Laundry Tips for a More Productive YOU

We all know that doing laundry can often be a time-consuming affair that has us yawning, hanging, stacking and whipping wet clothes around as if they had done us a personal disservice. Often, once all the clothes have been washed, dried and hung, the whole process can take over an hour to complete.

This begs the question: How can we shorten this process? Don’t fear, we’ve got the answers for you. Have a look below for top tips and tricks on how you can make the most out of your laundry, and save yourself time so you can to spend it doing the things you really love, appreciate and enjoy – like spending quality time with the people you love the most.


Don’t Become a Basket Case

Eliminate the time you spend sorting out light and dark clothes by keeping two laundry baskets for your family to use (one for dark clothes and one for light clothes). This may seem like a rather simple tip, but it is bound to save you time sifting through wads and clumps of dark and light garments – ultimately making your life a breeze.


Don’t Stack – Pack

Packing clothes away can be a pain. We believe that the key to cutting this down and getting the process just right is how you pack your family’s clothes away after they have been cleaned. If you use a pull-out drawer, try this technique on for size: instead of piling your clothes on top of one another, try stacking them upright from front to back. This will make finding the exact garment you want easier, too.


Create a Lost-sock System

If there is one thing every parent experiences more than they like to admit it’s searching and scouring for their child’s lost, unpaired socks. Where do they end up going? Does every washing machine posses a portal to an unseen realm where lost socks go for a much needed vacation?

Something tells us we’ll never know – but what we do know is that they always end up coming home. Tell your family members to let you know the moment they realise one of their socks have gone missing, and write it down in a journal for when it pops up again.


Use the Right Washing Liquid for the Job

There is no applying a one-size-fits-all approach to washing your clothes. Finding the right detergent for the clothes you are washing can help you save time ironing, drying and washing. This is why we recommend OMO Auto with Comfort freshness. All you need to do is add one cap. By penetrating deep into your clothe’s fibres, it provides them with a great smell and leaves them feeling soft and silky as ever before.

For those hand washing certain clothes that require a lighter touch and individual care, or have a really bad stain that needs a deep hand clean, we recommend OMO Auto Liquid. Not only does it remove stains fast, but one cap is all you need to get your clothes back to their original state.


Do Your Laundry More Often

Nobody like being greeted with a mountain of washing. Instead of waiting for it to pile up and form a cloud cresting peak, tend to it every two days or so. This will allow you to get the entire process done much faster.