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Many children are wearing bags and walking to school.

Washing Tips for School Essentials

The final stretch of the school year is upon us and the holidays are approaching. The holidays are almost in full effect and most kids are eager to get out of the classroom. One way to keep their concentration going is to help them make sure that they have all their ducks in a row for the next school year. What better way than to have them clean their school supplies like school bags, space cases and blazers, and making them good as new? One less thing to worry about over the holidays!


Start by emptying your child’s blazer pockets of pens, papers, tissues and whatever else they might be hoarding. Wash the blazer at a mild 40 degrees Celsius as this will ensure that it keeps its shape, size and rich colours.

Avoid the urge to tumble dry and rather hang it out in summer’s welcoming sun.

School Bags

These tend to take a beating throughout the school year, fortunately most bags are safe to put in the washing machine. If you’d like to make sure that it is as clean as can be, they can also be soaked and scrubbed down with our recommended light hand wash detergent, OMO Hand Washing Powder.

Space Case

From ink spills to highlighter stains and pencil marks, space cases can be messy.

Plastic Space Cases – these are easier to clean and can be made to look as good as new with a simple wipe of dish-washing liquid and hot water.

Fabric Space Cases – More complex methods are needed here. Start by removing all the debris like broken nibs and bits of rubber and paper. You can throw them in a Quick Wash with your other denim garments or you can give it a light hand wash and leave it to dry out in the sun.