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Washing Winter Gear the Right Way with OMO

Whether or not you’re a fan of cold winds, rainy evenings and misty midday chills, the fact of the matter is that the warm and welcoming sun of the last few months has bid us goodbye. So, whip out your cold weather clothes and gear up for autumn. From toasty scarves to snug gloves, thermal jackets and other cold weather accessories, you’re going to need to be prepared. And with a new wardrobe comes new cleaning techniques to add to your laundry routine.

Winter Jackets

A good, thick and warm winter jacket is the cornerstone of any autumn wardrobe and keeping it both clean and in tip-top shape are two equally important tasks. If your jacket is down-filled, it is going to require a little more care than those filled with different materials.

Start off by removing the hood of the jacket (if you can). Make sure you have emptied the pockets of any loose change, slips or fluff, and while you’re at it feel for any tears in the seam. Fasten and close all pocket zips, turn the jacket inside out and place it into your washing machine – along with a generous cup of OMO Auto Liquid.

Top-Tip: If you have a Tumble Drier, throw two or three tennis balls inside while your jacket tosses, tumbles and dries. What this will do is fluff up your jacket and spruce up it’s down, giving it that ‘good as new’ look and feel again.

Silk Scarves

Ah, so you’ve opted for style over warmth, have you? There’s nothing wrong with that, but one thing you’ll need to keep in mind is the fact that silk requires a more delicate touch and a trick or two to treat properly.

Start off by buying a non-alkaline soap or baby shampoo and place a small drop on your silk scarf. If this drop doesn’t discolour the material, you’re good to go. Take your silk scarf and let it lie in a sink filled with lukewarm water along with a couple drops of your chosen soap or baby shampoo. After about five minutes, rinse out your scarf with cold water and apply a dash of vinegar to revitalize it and return its sleek, silky shine.

Leather Gloves

There aren’t many things quite as warm and comfortable as a pair of leather gloves. Classic and elegant as they are, they naturally need to be treated differently to your run-of-the-mill woolen alternatives – here’s how it’s done. Take an empty spray bottle and add an even mixture of vinegar and water. Make sure you apply this marvelous mixture to the inside and the outside of your gloves and allow them to rest with the mixture for fifteen minutes. Pat the gloves dry and use a dry cloth remove any remaining moisture and dirt from the gloves and their linings.