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What is Sensitive Skin?

Skin is a very unique part of the human body. It’s the body’s largest organ. It protects you and plays a major role in what kind of skincare you need to use to take care of yourself and your family, especially if you have sensitive skin! And we want to make sure that if you do, you know how to take care of it.

Sensitive skin, by definition, is skin that: reacts ‘badly’ (which is not all bad) to certain things. It experiences irritation, red patches, dryness and blemishes, an itchy feeling, tightness or stinging sensation when exposed to certain skincare or weather. It is skin that needs a little more attention than average skin.

This is because sensitive skin doesn’t produce enough moisture to create a barrier of protection against external factors, such as wind, rain, sunshine and certain chemicals in skincare products or detergents. Remember, your skin is exposed to all kinds of products on a daily basis, and if your skin is sensitive it can react badly to them.

So, do you have sensitive skin? With the above in mind, think back to a time when your skin may have reacted in the ways described above. We don’t want your skin to give you a hard time – in fact, we want you and your skin to have a great relationship. This is exactly why OMO has created OMO Gentle Handwash Powder.

Formulated for sensitive skin and dermatologically tested, it’s gentle and kind on hands when washing clothes to make sure that the stress of damaging your skin when you wash up is taken out of your routine. A great powder to keep around the house, it’s ideal for daily or weekly washing and crafted specifically to protect your skin when you wash up. For some amazing tips on how to wash with sensitive skin, read Laundry tips for Sensitive Skin.