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Woman in pink trousers pouring fabric conditioner into a bottle cap.

Your Detergent Booster Pack

Sometimes a mom wants a new way to make the most of her washing. Something she doesn’t normally use, or simply helps her make the most of her detergent so that it doesn’t run out too fast. We’ve got four great options for you to consider and test at home. Read them all to find the perfect one for you and test it out at home! Let us know how it works by visiting us on Facebook.



Unusual, right? But totally true! Mouthwash is actually a really useful detergent booster, particularly when it comes to super smelly socks (every mom’s favourite). Add a cup of sugarless, alcohol-based mouthwash during the regular wash cycle to knock the smell right out of your family’s smelly footwear.


Baking Soda

The old cliché pops up again. Although, if it keeps popping up you have to wonder: does it work? Try it out at home this week. Add ½ a cup of baking soda to your normal amount of liquid detergent and see if it makes your whites whiter and colours brighter. For front loaders, add ¼ cup to also increase the potency of bleach, which if you do, means you only have to use half the amount.



If rust and mineral discolouration keeps on popping up on your clothes, we’ve got just what you need. 1 cup of lemon juice in the washer during the cycle. With natural bleaching action, the juice attacks, cracks and zaps the stains, leaving your clothes as clean as you want them to be.


OMO Auto Liquid

OMO Auto Liquid removes tough stains faster than a regular washing powder, saving you time and money. The fact is, it packs a powerful punch, meaning you need just one capful to get a full load of laundry squeaky clean. With no bleach, leaving your fabrics with better colour, and the ability to remove tough stains fast it’s the best a mom can get to take care of her home.