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lupi ngcayisa

Here’s how Super Dad Lupi Ngcayisa faired using the OMO 3 X Power Capsules

In an ever-changing world, we are always looking for new and ingenious ways to modernise our lives, save some time where we can and find better ways to do our daily chores. Chores like washing our family’s clothes.

At OMO, we’ve made it our mission to provide families around Mzansi with a way to live smarter and wash smarter with our OMO 3 X Power Capsules. These hard-working capsules provide 3 X the Power with every wash, they remove tough stains, as well as care and freshen. These convenient capsules also allow you to say goodbye to measuring, scooping and pouring - freeing up time for you to make memories with your family instead.

With this in mind, we gave influencer, proud parent and super dad Lupi Ngcayisa a chance to try out our new OMO 3 X Power Capsules. But first, we interviewed him about his wonderful family life, and the washing related pains and struggles that he faces day in and out.


QWhen it comes to your clothes, or your little one’s clothes for that matter, how do you remove tough stains and what’s the hardest stain you’ve had to remove?

  • Lupi: I’ve come up with a fool-proof way to deal with my son’s dirty clothes by dressing him in darker clothes during the week. Genius, no? When it comes to the toughest stains I’ve had to remove, we must first understand that Phalo is a very active and creative fellow. He’s always working in our garden and playing with his friends at school, so his tough stains are mainly from crayons, mud and ice lollies.

QHow do you keep your little ones entertained over the weekend?

  • Lupi: Phalo is obsessed with animals and we love visiting the Johannesburg Zoo. That’s where we spend most of his weekends. Also, as a popular kid both at school and on social media, his inbox is never in short supply of birthday party invites!

QHow do you balance work, being a parent and socialising?

  • Lupi: I believe that balance can only be achieved through a strict routine and consistency. I drop my son at crèche at 08:00 and collect him at 17:00. Before heading home, we either visit the dog park, feed the ducks at either Emmarentia Dam or Zoo Lake, or go for a bicycle ride. We’re back home at 18:00 and dinner is served by 18:45. By 19:30 it is the bedtime. Only once Phalo is asleep do I get a chance to focus on my school work and any work related stuff that warrants my attention

So, after this first part of our interview with Lupi, we sent him a box of our new OMO 3 X Power Capsules to use as he saw fit. We then resumed our interview with him after he’d finished his box to find out exactly how these capsules actively helped this super dad live smarter and wash smarter!

QWhat laundry products do you typically use?

  • Lupi: Before I changed to OMO 3 X Power Capsules I used washing powder, fabric softener and sometimes bleach for the white items that are losing their colour.

QDid you have any reservations about the product before using it?

  • Lupi: Look, to be honest I didn’t trust the product at all before using it. The capsules look delicate and too ‘cute’ to perform a hardworking job like laundry in my household! Simply put – It couldn’t compute in my head that such a tiny capsule can deliver such astounding results. But the results spoke for themselves… I’ll never go back!

QSo, here’s the culminating question – do you still use OMO 3 X Power Capsules? If yes, how long have you been using them for?

  • Lupi: I have been using OMO 3 X Power Capsules since November, 2018. There’s no going back now – they’re simply brilliant!