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omo power capsules

Super mom Nangi Noruka gave our OMO 3 X Power Capsules a go – here’s what happened!

The world is always changing, and us along with it. We are constantly looking to streamline our lives, save time and seek out more convenient ways to do our tasks. Tasks like washing our family’s clothes.

With this in mind, we at OMO decided to provide families with a new way to live smarter and wash smarter with our new and improved OMO Power Laundry Capsules. With 3 X the power with every wash, these convenient and hard-working capsules not only freshen, care and remove tough stains with every wash, but they also allow us to wave goodbye to scooping, measuring and pouring so that we can claim some of that precious family time from those long laundry days.

But at OMO, we’re more than just talk. When it comes to living smarter and washing smarter, we felt that we needed to see our 3 X Power Capsules in action before making bold claims like the ones mentioned above. Which is exactly what we did! We gave influencer and super mom Nangi Noruka a chance to try out our new OMO 3 X Power Capsules.

But first, we interviewed her about her wonderful family life, and the washing related pains and struggles she faces on a daily basis.


Q)          When it comes to your clothes, or your little one’s clothes for that matter, how do you remove tough stains and what’s the hardest stain you’ve had to remove?

  • Nangi:

On my clothing it has to be a wine stain or antiperspirant sprays and roll-ons. On my daughter Lulu’s clothing it has to be grass stains and skid marks from sliding around on the floor at school. It normally takes me a number of different attempts to eventually remove the stains, and even after removing the stains the clothing is never the same again.

Q)          How do you keep your little ones entertained over the weekend?

  • Nangi:

I generally plan something for her before the weekend starts, like an outing to the park, a relaxing trip beach or a family jaunt to the movies. At home we get up to all kinds of fun like drawing, painting, baking, puzzles, doing arts and crafts and creating structures with building blocks.

Q)          How do you balance work, being a parent and socialising?

  • Nangi:

Work can be tricky when you have a little one, so it is important to make sure you diligently stick to schedules or else everything falls apart. Setting goals for your work and career is very important. When it comes to socialising, myself and my partner take turns to also take care of ourselves in that area. We communicate days in advance as to what we would like to do so that the other one can step in.


So, after this first part of our interview with Nangi, we sent her a box of our new OMO 3 X Power Capsules to use as she saw fit. We then resumed our interview with her after she’d finished her box to find out exactly how these capsules actively helped this super mom live smarter and wash smarter!

Q)          What laundry products do you typically use?

  • Nangi:

I used to use detergents and stopped using softeners ages ago. I also used pre-stain removal products.

Q)          Did you have any reservations about the product before using it?

  • Nangi:

My initial thoughts were sceptical as I’d never seen a liquid capsule before. This was a first for me. I just wasn’t really sure how to use it. However, after reading the instruction on the tub I found it easy to use and oh-so convenient. I guess the biggest thing for me was not being sure whether or not it would be enough to handle an entire load of my family’s washing but when I saw the results it put my mind at ease.

Q)          So, here’s the culminating question – do you still use OMO 3 X Power Capsules? If yes, how long have you been using them for?

  • Nangi:

Yes! And in fact, I have recommended them to most of my friends and even bought them for my mom. I’ve been using them since October last year and they’ve truly me feel at ease. You see, I believe laundry is about choosing a product that protects your family’s clothes, leaves them smelling fresh for longer and removes those tough stains tend to give us trouble – which the OMO 3 X Power Capsules does with ease.