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NEW OMO ULTRA Concentrated Liquid



Concentrated Liquid


An improved MIGHTY concentrated liquid for MIGHTY stain moments!!

Life throws us a whole load of challenges, and removing tough stains from your family’s clothes is one you could do without.  Ground-breaking NEW OMO ULTRA Liquid is an improved MIGHTY concentrated liquid for MIGHTY stain moments!!

Our NEW OMO ULTRA Concentrated Liquid offers consumers a new formulation, improved fragrance, premium bottle and a revolutionary new washing system that helps removes tough stains faster*!

At OMO we understand your time is precious, so years of research and innovation have ensured NEW OMO ULTRA Concentrated Liquid now removes even the toughest stains with help from the Stain Eraser Ball.  Letting kids get active and make a mess has never been easier as NEW OMO ULTRA Concentrated Liquid has all the expert cleaning power you need in one product to remove the toughest stains faster*!

Say goodbye to separate pre-treaters- simply ‘Pop, Pour, Rub, Wash’

The first thing you’ll notice is the new multifunctional bottle design.  It has an easy-to-open flip top lid and spout for mess-free pouring. At the heart of the bottle is the unique multifunctional Stain Eraser Ball. Not only is it perfect for measuring exact dosages but it also helps you pre-treat tough stains directly using the Stain Eraser Ball’s dimpled surface. Simply ‘Pop’ the Stain Eraser Ball out of the bottle, ‘Pour’ the liquid detergent directly on to the stain and ‘Rub’ the stain with the Eraser Ball’s dimpled surface, before your main wash.

NEW OMO ULTRA Liquid, an improved MIGHTY concentrated liquid for MIGHTY stain moments has the incredible stain removal ability to remove tough stains faster*.

NEW OMO ULTRA Liquid comes in a {1.25 Litre +150ml free} and {800ml + 100ml free} pack size and the pack is made from packaging that can be recycled (where facilities exist).

Available in major supermarkets and retailers from 15 July 2014.  All prices quoted are Recommended Retail Prices. Retailers are free at all times to set their own retail prices. Keep a lookout for promotions across all major retailers!

OMO ULTRA LIQUID – 900ml – 25 washes – R79.99

OMO ULTRA LIQUID– 1.4 Litre – 40 washes – R114.99


Notes to editors:

*as tested on various tough stains vs. previous OMO concentrated liquid, with direct application & use of the stain eraser ball.