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Ntando using Omo 3x Power

Super Mom Thando Naves shares how OMO 3 X Power Capsules help her get rid of tough stains

How do you remove tough stains?

Where necessary, I make sure to immediately remove my items and soak them in warm water. Of late OMO power capsules have become my absolute go-to for removing both new and old stains!

What’s the hardest stain you’ve had to remove?

It would definitely have to be my son’s mucky soccer gear following a muddy game of soccer!

What are your children’s top 3 favourite games?

1. Hide and Seek.

2. Building sand castles. 

3. Good ol’ pillow fights.  

How do you maintain the energy needed to keep up with your little ones?

Whenever I don’t have any extra work to do, I try to get to bed as early as possible – oftentimes right after I’ve put the kids to sleep. I make sure I get enough fresh air by doing fun outdoor activities with the kids. I also try my best to lead a healthy lifestyle by taking regular walks and runs.

How do you keep Lesedi, Khumo and Kgosi entertained over the weekend?

The kids’ weekends are usually packed with extracurricular activities. Lesedi has soccer practice and games every Saturday, while Khumo has her swimming lessons. Thereafter, we like to do some fun outdoor activity. Sunday is usually our chill day. We usually watch movies at home, then take a brisk walk to the park to play. 

How do you balance work, being a parent and socialising?

It’s definitely challenging to strike a balance – different things take priority, depending on what you have going on at the time. Generally, planning ahead, asking for help and learning to say no to certain things have allowed me more time to do what really matters. The fact that most of my friends are also parents has definitely made planning outings a little bit easier. We’re able to just all get together and just bring the kids along. 

What fears have you let go of since becoming a mom?

I’ve let go of the fear of failure and thinking that everything has to be perfect. My children have taught me that spontaneity makes life fun and interesting. They don’t need a perfect mom, they just need a mom that does her best for them every day. 

How do you take time out for yourself?

I reach out to my support system whenever I need extra support. My children have a very hands-on Gogo, which gives me some time alone to reboot and recharge. I have had to learn not to feel guilty whenever I take time out for myself. It’s become liberating. 

Have you got a time saving hack that has worked for you?

I usually bathe the children together in the evenings. It saves time while also allowing us time to connect after a long day. Secondly, I put our laundry in the washing machine overnight ensuring it’s ready to hang out to dry in the morning.