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OMO Fast Kids Campaign

OMO launches mobile site to improve SA's maths literacy levels




In a major drive to promote child development, FMCG giant Unilever has embarked on the OMO Fast Kids Campaign that will significantly enhance the mathematics literacy of 200 000 users.

South Africa came under the spotlight after a World Economic Forum global competitiveness report revealed South Africa came last, 144th out of 144 countries, for mathematics and science teaching.

Omo Fast Kids Maths – powered by MathsWizz – is an interactive online learning platform for mobile phones, tablet devices and desktop browsers intended to expose children aged seven to university entrance to the foundations of mathematics. These include number bonds, time tables and general arithmetic through the use of drills.

Drills provide users with a facility to exercise and practise their mathematical skills. Completing drills contributes to a user’s points and leader board​ position. Drills are categorised into three main areas: number bonds, multiplication tables and everyday general arithmetic.

Omo calls on parents to play an active role in their children’s education by encouraging them not to shy away from maths and science. The platform is designed to cater for various levels of educational experience and mathematical aptitude and hence, can be used by people of all ages looking to improve their basic mathematical foundation.

“The intention is to further complement the efforts of educators to address the critical skills gap in our country in terms of producing future generations of individuals that are proficient in maths,” said Andrew Mysell, Omo Marketing Manager at Unilever.

“Parents are key to the process of developing competency levels and the mobile app is an interactive and convenient way in which to engage children in a safe environment.”

An initial assessment is used to determine a user’s current mathematical proficiency. Subsequent assessments are then used on a periodic basis to monitor the user’s progress. Together, the assessments and drills are used to constantly determine the levels at which the user is progressing.

​The use of assessments throughout a user’s experience of OMO FAST KIDS Maths app will help to determine mathematical strengths, weaknesses and progress at any given moment in time.

Assessments take the form of a series of graded questions in order to ascertain a child’s math prowess against children of similar age and grade. The results of the assessment determine the drills and challenges that that child will be performing on OMO FAST KIDS Maths app.

Andrew added that the system is not limited to maths – it also caters for various other subjects and learning material. The platform uses a virtual reward mechanism to encourage regular engagement among users.

As the child practises maths, tokens are earned and can be used to gain special rewards including Paddle Pop ice creams and Hungry Lion vouchers courtesy of Unilever.

On signing up, access to the app for the first 30 days is free. For more free access to OMO Fast Kids Maths, specially marked OMO packs can be purchased for additional access tokens.

Thereafter, follow three easy steps:

1) Visit the OMO Fast Kids Website at

2) Register your details

3) Use the unique code “FastKidsPR”

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