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OMO Presents 'The Worst Day Ever' Challenge

We’ve all had bad days.

Those dreadful days where nothing seems to go right – where we arrive at work, pour that first cup of coffee and proceed to spill a cascade of the dark, strong liquid down our freshly-ironed work shirts. Those monstrous mornings where, on our way to work, a passing truck seems to single out the only puddle in the road and proceeds to splash its grey-coloured contents all over us.

Yes, we’ve all experienced these days, but where this might get the average person all flustered and annoyed – at OMO it gets us excited! Because we have the perfect solution for these days – OMO 3 X Power Capsules. With 3 times the power with every wash, just one OMO Capsule can save you from the worst day ever.

To prove that this isn’t merely lip-service, we’ve decided to put our 3 X Power Capsules to the test by creating our very own OMO Worst Day Ever Obstacle Course.

Consisting of 11 obstacles, the challenge will see three teams led by well-known influencers; #TeamToughStains led by Janez Vermeiren, #TeamFresh led by Luthando Loot Love, and #TeamCare led by Aisha O'Reilly. Our three leaders will take on the Worst Day Ever course and prove that no challenge is too great for the OMO 3 x Power Capsules.

And you can be a part of it all, too. Simply enter the competition on the OMO South Africa Facebook page here. Answer the questions on the page by simply telling us if you’re #TeamToughStains, #TeamFresh or #TeamCare.

Some of the obstacles you could face include:

·       Hurdles

·       Jump Pads

·       Balance Beams

·       Cargo Nets

·       And finally, the dreaded Zorb Ramp!

Event Details:

Date:                   25 May

Time:                   08:00

Where:                Bryanston, Johannesburg