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A tap being switched off.

Green Living

It's easy to feel like our efforts to we reduce our energy consumption at home won't make a difference. However, in banding together with all who choose OMO to reduce our consumption, we can make a big impact by working together to go green. Read our energy saving tips to find out where you can start saving energy in the home. 

Be green while doing your laundry with Omo!

Tumble dryers can be a lifesaver when wet weather prevents you from drying your clothes outside, but they have high energy consumption. If you can’t dry your clothes naturally, try and pick an efficient dryer and follow our energy saving tips to reduce the impact it has on your carbon footprint. 

Saving energy in the home with your laundry is easier than you think, how you set up your washes is the first step. Loading your washing machine properly and following the wash directions is one of the simplest ways to save water – choose your cycle and temperature and go green!