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A father and son washing up together.

Top Water Saving Laundry Tips

Water is an important resource. It might not always seem like it, because water is so widely available, but water is incredibly precious. So, it’s important to save it whenever you can. The way you do your washing is a great way to do so. Read on to discover how you can save water while washing.

Rinse and Save

One of the simplest ways is to save the water you use to rinse your cutlery, pots and pans. Most people rinse their dishes after every use to clean the leftover food off of them and make it easier to wash them. Save this water if it’s not too dirty to use again when you wash the dishes. It’s easy and makes a big difference.

Wash By Hand

Washing clothes by hand with a hand wash powder is and always will be one of the best ways to save water. Washing machines use a lot of water, which often makes them quite wasteful. Instead, use a small amount of water and some elbow grease to keep your clothes clean. A few quick washes a week is just as good as a major clean up on the weekend.

Only Wash When Full

The washing machine is a massive contributor to a household’s water usage. So, make sure that you only use it to do your washing when it is full to the brim! With a little bit of OMO Auto Liquid, you can do a load of washing guilt-free knowing that you are doing your best to save water.

Size Counts

Another great way to save water is to maximise on what you use it for. When you are doing your washing separate it into colours AND size. Wash all the small stuff by hand in a small amount of water and you’ll be amazed how far the water can go. Then put the bigger items in the machine when you have enough to fill up the machine.