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The OMO 3 X Power Challenge

We all have bad days but on Saturday the 25th of May at Jozi X, we put 3 teams through the messiest day ever in the OMO 3 X Power Challenge.

Through the muddy mayhem, Team Fresh, Team Care and Team Tough Stains set out to survive a crucible of chaos – an 11-phase obstacle course, each step dirtier than the last.

The lovely Luthando Loot Love took charge as the leader of Team Fresh, while down-to-earth Aisha O'Reilly headed up Team Care. Last but certainly not least, Jonathan Boyton Lee took up the helm of Team Tough Stains.

They ducked, they dived, they tried their very best, but in the end our superstars were left covered in stains of all sorts. With the combined power of freshness, tough stain removal and gentle care, OMO 3 X Power Capsule was able to show our contestants that it was up for a challenge too. We took our teams’ filthy t-shirts and with just a quick wash, they came out clean as new.

See how Team Fresh, Care and Tough Stains were able to make their way through a day of disaster in the OMO 3 X Power Challenge…and how OMO 3 X Power Capsule could clean up the mess.

omo 3 x power challenge