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Two children with dirt on their faces.

Why Dirt is Good

Why is Dirt Good for Kids?


Washing clothes can sometimes be one of the most mundane parts of bringing up a family. The laundry basket just seems to be bottomless at times! But, it is satisfying to know that every time we wash our children’s clothes, they are able to go back out there, clean, keen and prepared to take on whatever comes their way. And when they come home with stains all over their clothes, you know that they are coming home with precious experiences too.


Growing up is a Messy Business


We strongly believe that dirt is good for kids. With dirt comes experience and learning. Dirt is a great sign of adventure proving that kids are learning from life. Children learn and develop dramatically from exploring, discovering and doing things themselves. Laundry is sometimes tough, but there is no need to worry – let OMO take care of all the tough stains, so you get to have fun and concentrate on the important things. Dirt is a vital experience of life.


Kids’ Activities


Here are some great ideas for messy play and activities that are also fun learning experiences.


Child Development Research


We have created custom-made milestone reports on child development.