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Tips on when – and when not to – use bleach on your laundry

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Bleach Q&As


Is my garment sensitive to fabric washing oxygen bleach/perborate?

Some laundry products, such as OMO Handwash , contain colour-safe oxygen bleach that is specially designed for excellent stain removal when washing whites and colours. This is different to household bleach which is chlorine based and can easily damage colours.But some items are sensitive to colour-safe bleach, and their care labels will probably be marked "Do not bleach".

Find out more about bleach care labels:

If you are unsure whether your garment is sensitive to colour-safe bleach, try the following test:

  1. Make a paste with OMO Handwash and water
  2. Place a small amount on a part of the garment that doesn't normally show (e.g. inside a hem) and leave overnight
  3. Remove the paste carefully
  4. If any colour is lost, the dye is not stable and the garment should not be soaked or washed in a product that contains oxygen bleach