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OMO's Amazing Stain Removing Laundry Powder, With a Touch of Comfort Oud Inspired Fragrance. Omo has always been committed to delivering the very best in stain removal and innovation for your laundry. Globally, hundreds of scientists are working on their laundry formulations. These formulations are designed to provide you with outstanding stain removal and clothes care. Whatever Omo washing detergent you choose you can trust Omo can help you make laundry easier. Omo believes that dirt is good for kids. Why? Because every time kids come back with dirt and stains on their clothes, you know they’ve had an adventure! Experiential learning through messy play is essential for a child’s development. Through experiential learning and messy play, children can explore their interests, develop confidence, and embrace their creativity. The laundry basket can sometimes seem bottomless, but every time we clean our children’s clothes we’re helping them to go back out there clean, smart, and prepared to take on the world. With Omo around to take care of the toughest stains, you don’t have to worry about the laundry. Laundry can have a big impact on the environment. Experience new Omo with a touch of Comfort. It's specially formulated to give you 100% effective stain removal and, at the same time, the luxurious fragrance from Comfort Fabric Conditioner


  • 100% effective stain removal


  • 900ml

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