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  • I noticed that the ingredients panel is different to my existing Omo – what is new about this liquid?

    The formulation has been completely redesigned and improved. It now tackles a much wider range of stains than the previous formulation and therefore includes a few new ingredients. As a result, the ingredient panel reflects these changes.

  • I have noticed that the liquid seems to be a little thicker than my current product. Why is that?

    New Omo has an even richer formulation to provide enhanced performance and is designed to dissolve quickly in the wash. The new, thicker liquid is easier to dose and enables easy pre-treatment.

  • Do I put the product in the dispensing drawer or in the drum?

    Both of these options are possible. You can measure the liquid into the Stain Eraser Ball (dosing ball) and place it at the back of the drum, on top of the load. Alternatively, you can measure the amount of liquid required by using the Stain Eraser Ball and dose the liquid into the dispensing drawer.

  • Where in the drum should I place the Stain Eraser ball (dosing ball) for best results?

    For best results, the Stain Eraser ball (dosing ball) can be placed at the back of the drum on top of the load.

  • Can I use the concentrated liquid neat to treat stains on my clothes?

    We recommend for tough stains to pre-treat with the neat liquid. However, before pre-treatment our advice is to pre-test on a less visible area (e.g. the inside) to ensure colour fastness of your garment.

  • Is the pre-treat recommended to get stains out?

    Pre-treatment is optional. We recommend pre-treating for tough stains that are difficult to remove.