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Dilute At Home Refill

Our Dilute at Home Refill is a 3X concentrate formulation that has been developed to attack stains 1st time and reduce plastic waste.

  • Our Refill is: light to carry, easy to store, simple to dilute
  • 50% less plastic used and 70% less water used during production (vs Omo 2L)
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Attacks stains 1st time and makes up 2L/40 washes

Don’t compromise performance for sustainability. With the OMO Dilute at Home Refill you can enjoy both a high-performance wash and a more environmentally friendly laundry product. The Dilutable Refill reinforces our ‘Dirt For Good’ purpose of being tough on stains and kinder to the planet.

The dilutable delivers an unbeatable cleaning performance. ...Read on

Our Route to a Cleaner Future

Discover how we're working towards a more sustainable future

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We’re being kinder to the planet, but we never compromise on being tough on stains.

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