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Child splashing in mud puddles with pink wellies and mud stains on her leggings.

Stain Removal Tips

Read our top tips on removing tough stains from a variety of fabrics including silk and wool for both white and coloured garments. Dirt is good with OMO.

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Removing stains with OMO

Did you know that not all stains respond well to the same cleaning methods? To remove protein-based stains you’ll need to flush them with cold water while other stain removal methods could see you fight oil and grease with warmer water.

While all OMO laundry detergents are packed with stain remover ingredients, you may need to pre-treat those really stubborn marks. You can do this by applying a small amount of liquid detergent direct to the stain or by making a stain remover paste with a little washing powder and cold water.

Pre-treatment is only part of the stain removal process, and once it’s complete you need to wash your clothes as normal. Grab your favourite OMO laundry detergent – checking it’s suitable to use on your clothes – and wash in the machine as normal. All OMO detergents are great at removing stains.

Part of learning how to remove stains from clothes is stopping them from happening in the first place. From wearing aprons when cooking with the kids to being extra careful with messy foods such as pasta or pizza, there are plenty of things you can do to protect your clothes.