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A scoop filling a washing machine detergent drawer with liquid detergent.

OMO Liquid Detergent

Presenting the full range of liquid detergents from OMO and Persil! 

OMO laundry liquid is a great option if you worry about powders not dissolving fully in your detergent drawer. It’s packed with powerful cleaning ingredients and is easy to measure, so you get an effective washing detergent that even works at low temperatures. 

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Clean up with OMO laundry liquids

It couldn’t be easier to use liquid detergent. Measure the right dose (using the bottle’s cap or the Stain Eraser Ball), add it to your machine, and set your wash cycle. The Stain Eraser Ball is made of washer-safe plastic, so you can even put it in with the clothes!

One small dose is all you need! We’re constantly improving our formula for even better stain-busting power. This helps you to save money, and because we’re using less packaging, it’s good for the environment too. That’s what makes OMO Laundry Liquid a great option for everyone!

Wondering how to use liquid detergent for pre-treating stains? It couldn’t be simpler. Pop out the Stain Eraser Ball, pour a little of that stain-busting OMO liquid onto the mark, and gently rub with the ball’s dimpled surface. Then wash as normal. It’s that easy.

Your washing machine and OMO laundry liquid work hard together to keep your clothes fresh and bright, wash after wash. For the best results, make sure you keep your washing machine nice and clean by running an empty hot wash (you can also add a cup of vinegar).