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A hand golds a house made from grass in a field to represent sustainability.

Laundry Sustainability

Laundry can have a big impact on the environment. Here you can find out about our laundry Sustainable Living Plan and what we’re doing to reduce our impact. Explore our content on environmental sustainability and find out how you can change your laundry habits and make a difference!

Discover more about laundry sustainability washing in our tips section below.

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Eco-friendly laundry tips

Heating up water for a wash cycle can use a lot of energy. You’d be amazed by just how much of a difference switching from 40°C to 30°C can make. Modern washing machines are designed to clean just as effectively at lower temperatures, and so are detergents like OMO. 

Opting to line dry over using the tumble dryer is an important choice. Cutting down on dryer time can help you make big savings on your electricity bill and in turn cut down your impact on the environment. 

When it comes to laundry sustainability and washing consider:

Reduce: do less washing! Make sure each wash is a full load.

Recycle: check the label on your detergent packaging and recycle the product in the appropriate way.