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Laundry can have a big impact on the environment. Here you can find out about our laundry Sustainable Living Plan and what we’re doing to reduce our impact. Explore our content on environmental sustainability and find out how you can change your laundry habits and make a difference!

close-up of laundry in soapy water
How to Save Water & Energy
t-shirt hanging on a washing line with the recycling logo
The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan
children's hands in a circle
Saving Energy – A small change, a big difference
Child looking through binoculars in a field
My Child, My Nature Crusader
OMO and Surf refill station
Switch to Laundry Refill today and help reduce plastic
a forest
OMO Active liquid on a painted background
Omo Active Refill Liquid Safety and Directions for Use
Surf 5in1 bottle surrounded by flowers
Surf Tropical Refill Liquid Safety and Directions for Use
temporary background
Unilever’s Clean Future commitment