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Two mud stained boys happily playing.

Dirt is Good

We believe that dirt is good for kids. Why? Because every time kids come back with dirt and stains on their clothes, you know they’ve had an adventure! Experiential learning through messy play is essential for a child’s development.

Find out more about why dirt is good for kids and the benefits of play here.

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Why dirt is good for kids

Without dirt, there would be no experience. It’s a sign that we’re getting stuck in and learning from life. Children learn by doing, and hands-on experiences are vital to every child’s healthy, happy development.

Experiential learning – learning by doing – involves exploring, experiencing, creating, and interacting with the world around us. Through these activities, both adults and children can learn and discover new things – and of course, getting dirty is part of the experience! Dirt and experiential learning help shape our lives.

Messy play is a big part of learning by doing. So why is play important? Immersion in hands-on, active, and messy play is essential for a child’s health and well-being as they grow. Kids who play and learn by doing are happy, resilient, and prepared to face new challenges.

Through experiential learning and messy play, children can explore their interests, develop confidence, and embrace their creativity. They learn essential life skills like independence, bravery, and self-expression. Kids who engage in real, messy play embrace real life experiences without hesitation. Freedom to embrace dirt is good for kids.

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