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Girls playing with paint together

Here's Why OMO Believes That Dirt Is Good!

Children are bound to get dirty and that’s exactly why OMO believes that Dirt is Good. Exploration and other learning experiences go hand in hand with a little dirt.

When it comes to having fun, exploring their surroundings, and learning through play, children are bound to get dirty and that’s exactly why OMO believes that Dirt is Good. Allowing your little one to play and get dirty, allows them in turn to reach key milestones, shape their values, boost their confidence, and reap the various benefits that Mother Nature’s earthy goodness brings.

OMO strives to produce reliable laundry detergents that take care of the dirt stains, so that moms can spend more time focusing on their children. We’re equally invested in gathering more information about the value and advantages of experiential learning, and we work with top academic child development experts to do so.

OMO gets information straight from the source

We frequently interview our most valuable sources of information - moms and kids from around the world. We ask them about values, nature, education, hopes, child development, dreams, the future, and, of course, the environment and dirt! Over the past four years, OMO has published two reports (‘Giving our Children the Right to be Children’ and ‘Children and Nature’) in collaboration with Dr Jerome Singer and Dr Dorothy Singer of Yale University, as well as two global studies that focus on the subject of child development and experimental learning, namely ‘Have a Go’ and ‘Mamma Mia’.

OMO also produced a series of short films to support the research, for which Dr Singer provided commentary. All of this extensive research has been distilled into a series of easy-to-read nuggets that are perfect for quick consumption and are ideal to share with friends and fellow moms.

Tell us more about your child’s learning experiences where a bit of dirt is involved. Join the OMO conversation today