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two young children watering plants


As laundry uses resources and produces waste, the way we go about it can make a big difference to the environment. That’s why we are committed to awareness, both in how we make our products, and how they are used. Read our articles on water sustainability and energy saving tips to help us do more.

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a close-up shot of a splash of water
Water Saving Facts for Kids
close-up shot of a clean tap
How to Save Water for Kids
kid painting a toilet roll with red paint
Recycling Crafts for Kids: Toilet Roll Crafts
family out for a walk in the countryside
OMO: My Child, My Little Adventurer
two children laughing in a playground
OMO: Every Bit Helps When There Are Millions Helping!
a green dollhouse with a play washing machine
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
father and child cleaning dishes together
Top Water Saving Laundry Tips
close-up shot of a tap dripping
Keep your Garden Green and Save Water with Grey Water
close-up shot of lots of different coloured candles
How to Save Electricity at Home
Stacks of green glass bottles
DIY: Recycling Around the House
White t-shirt on washing line with socks and recycling logo
How to: Green Your Laundry
A lampshade with the lights on
Sustainability: The Secret
Grass house in a field
The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan
Hand washing clothes in bucket of soapy water
Water-Saving on Laundry Day