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Frequently Asked Questions

In a Front Loader – For Heavy Soil use 1 scoop (180ml), For Light Soil reduce that dosage.  In a Top Loader – For Heavy Soil use 1.5 scoops (270ml), For Light Soil use 1 Scoop.

Yes, it can be used in both a Front Loader and Top Loader for the same cleaning results.  Machine Wash instructions is on the Back of Pack.

Both of these options are possible.

In the drum: You can place the measured dosage at the back of the drum or on top of the load.

In the dispensing drawer: You can place the measured dosage into the dispensing drawer.

We recommend for tough stains to pre-treat with the neat liquid. However, before pre-treatment our advice is to pre-test on a less visible area (e.g. the inside) to ensure colour fastness of your garment. 

Pre-treatment is optional. We recommend pre-treating for tough stains that are difficult to remove.