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learn through messy play

Download our Activity Booklets

Download our booklets for Messy Play activities designed to encourage early learning development.

Messy play is a significant factor in child development and aids learning of essential skills. Children under the age of 8 are learning physical, social, and mental skills that will be important throughout their lives. Encourage your child to get messy with our fun activities and they’ll learn these vital skills while having fun. Each of our booklets gives a different set of fun activities to help develop your child’s physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive skills. Where possible, we’ve offered ways to make activities more or less challenging, depending on your child’s age and abilities. There are also options to adapt games for group play or indoor play.

Messy Play Series 1

Enjoy ‘Shape Hops’ with Muddy, learn about ‘Taking Care of Nature’ with Grassy, and work out ‘How Many Sticks’ and ‘How Many Seasons’ with Smudge with these fifteen fun activities that help your child to learn essential skills.

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Messy Play Series 2

Get messy with our fun characters and try activities like ‘Trees of the Seasons’, ‘Secret Sign Language’ and ‘The Weather Treasure Hunt’ to help your child develop different valuable skills. The activities in this booklet have been developed to help your child build different physical, cognitive and social skills.

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Messy Play Series 3

Practice ‘Bubble Rainbow Painting’ to develop your child’s physical skills; have fun with a ‘Crazy Car Wash’ to work on cognitive development, and share a ‘Tasty Treasure’ to boost social skills. This booklet contains fifteen fun activities to enjoy with your child.

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Messy Play Series 4

We’ve got so many great activities to help your child develop their physical, cognitive and social skills. Try ‘Clickety Clack Crocodiles’ with Muddy, get creative with Smudge’s ‘Sun Catcher Art’, or set up some ‘Mini Safari Fun’ with Grassy.

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