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Edible Recipes for Kids

Edible kid’s recipes are a great way to get your kids engaged in fun activities. These easy-to-make recipes will help develop their fine motor skills. Learn more!

Getting the kids involved in the kitchen can sometimes be daunting, especially if dinner is at stake. Try these easy recipes for kids to make to introduce them to both cooking, baking and messy play. Encouraging them to participate in these easy recipes for kids will help develop their senses like listening, taking instruction, fine motor skills and much more. Not to mention how much fun it’s going to be for them.

Sensory Play Recipes

What homemade recipes can I make with my kids?

Here are a few great ideas for kids’ recipes to try at home. From edible sand that can be used for messy play, to the easiest chocolate cake recipe, try these great ideas for easy things for kids to cook today.

Edible Sand

Edible sand, sounds like an oxymoron, right? Making this safe, fake sea sand is an awesome at-home sensory play recipe for the kids. It’s also a great tactile activity as they squeeze, shape and play with the sand. Get the beach toys like the bucket and spade out and create a mini beach in your garden or on your patio. Be sure to lay down some newspaper first to make cleaning up afterwards a little easier. Why not pour yourself something cold too, while you watch them have loads of fun.

Find out how to make edible sand now.

Homemade Ice Lollies

This activity is perfect for those long, hot summer days, plus they’re going to taste fantastic too. Whether you want to make ice lollies or ice cream lollies, we have great recipe ideas for kids now. This recipe is especially great if you’re keen on limiting the amount of sugar your kids eat, because you can limit or decide what ingredients go into the recipe.

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Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake

Is there anything better than baking with the little ones? It’s such a great activity to teach your children about measuring and counting, and it also improves their dexterity and fine motor skills when they need to pour, measure and even crack an egg. Chocolate cake is a favourite no matter how old you are, so why not try this simple and easy recipe for kids today.

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Cloud Dough

Which child doesn’t love play dough right? Take play dough to the next level by making this safe and simple cloud dough recipe at home. You can make it using the ingredients you have in your pantry and you can split it into different batches and make them each a different colour too.

Find out how to make cloud dough for kids now.

Easy Recipes for Kids

For a range of tasty ideas for breakfasts and lunches, give some of these easy recipes for kids a bash. It will give you the opportunity to introduce your kids to cooking in a fun and easy way.

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